The Story So Far... Sons Of Steel

The 21st century and Sydney Australia is part of a world trading block known as Oceana. The world of Orwell's 1984 has arrived. Black Alice is a famous rock singer. He's also the leader of the Oceana peace movement. A violence breeds deep within him, the absolute antithesis of his protagonist facade. His sympathizers are increasing in number to what the government considers; alarming proportions. He has become a threat to the system and he must be eliminated.

Black Alice has planned a peace rally to demonstrate against a visiting foreign nuclear submarine. The potential of such a rally aggravates the government and a secret agent is ordered to rid Oceana of Black Alice.  Alice is invited by the secret agent to have a holographic duplicate made of himself in honour of his noble achievements. However, on the eve of the peace rally he is deceived and trapped, imprisoned as a hologram for eternity.

The year 2112 A.D., a group of four post apocalyptic survivors, barbarian warriors lacking speech, accidentally fall through a hole in the desert floor to be trapped underground in the dark remains of Sydney's subway system. Wandering through this ominous underworld in search of an exit, the barbarians come upon the remains of a museum where they trigger a holographic display of Black Alice. Frightened by the phenomenon, one of the warriors strikes at the holographic image with his sword. The metal causes a reaction and Black Alice materializes in human form.

In an effort to discover what has happened to society, Black Alice leads his barbarian friends in search of someone to explain. He finds a deranged scientist who has transformed his subway environment into a laboratory. He informs Black Alice that due to his untimely release from the hologram, he will die in a few hours. Black Alice also learns that exactly one hour after he had been transformed into a hologram, the ferry containing members of his peace movement, organized by him to demonstrate against the visiting nuclear submarine, collided with the vessel triggering a nuclear reaction that all but destroyed the world.

Black Alice is devastated by the irony that he, a man of peace, had been responsible for the demise of mankind. In a desperate bid to save Black Alice's life and the fate of mankind, the Scientist reverses the holographic process and returns Black Alice to the 21st century. He arrives at the exact time he had left. He must race against all odds to divert the ferry and avert the tragedy. He has one hour to save mankind... Will Alice succeed?  Get the movie to find out!

But the story does not end here - Man Of Metal, continues the story...

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